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How It's Made






Our products begin as traditional cotton saris worn by Indian women, who sell them to vendors. This beautiful vintage fabric is then upcycled into ReMade products.



Each ReMade blanket is truly unique. Two coordinating saris are hand selected for the front and back sides, middle layer sari pieces are added, and then handstitched together. No two are alike.



Our products are handmade by local Indian women who sew the kantha stitch, a traditional handstitch passed down through the generations in West Bengal, India and Bangladesh.

How It's ReMade

We are passionate about empowering Indian women through sustainable, respectable work, fair income and benefits, and education and training.

Our goal is to not just have vintage saris ReMade into one-of-a-kind products; we want these one-of-a-kind women's thoughts, self-worth, and lives to be ReMade as well.


Through our partnerships with local enterprises, ReMade offers these women from underprivileged backgrounds employment and empowerment - with your help.


By ordering a product, you are playing a vital role in having these women's lives and futures be ReMade.

Hand-Sewing the Kantha Stitch
Our very first finished blanket
Truly Unique Balnkets and Women
How it's remade

Who We Are

ReMade is a passion. ReMade is a verb. ReMade is a goal.

And transformation is our business. 


We are a team of social entrepreneurs comprised of people from various backgrounds and areas of expertise who are all passionate about changing people's lives for the better. 


Located in Lebanon, Indiana, ReMade partners with businesses and enterprises in India to not only purchase products, but to build relationships and to offer employment and empowerment to underprivileged people. We also offer educational classes, language services, and other training. 100% of the proceeds from our sales and services go back into the running of ReMade and for the betterment of our employees' lives, families, and communities.


ReMade: Transformation is our business. 

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