Each blanket has a story of its own, and now you have the chance to write the next chapter for this one. Made from up-cycled vintage cotton saris, this blanket was handmade by a local Indian woman using the kantha stitch, which is a sewing technique that originated in West Bengal, in an environment guided by fair trade principles in order to produce ethical textiles. The kantha stitch is woven into the very fabric of this culture in West Bengal!


Our oversized quilts make great bedcovers. They will fit on the top of a queen size bed or across and down the sides of a full size bed. They look great folded at the foot of a king bed and on a twin bed too! Wrap the whole family up together to cozy up for a movie night or just around yourself several times, there are many ways to use our oversized quilts!


Please note that these blankets are made from previously worn saris and may have some imperfections like patches or typical wear and aging. These slight imperfections tell a part of the story and add to each blanket's charm and uniqueness.


Receive a photo with the item you purchase! Each ReMade blanket includes a color photo of some of the ladies that have been employed and empowered by ReMade. There are some ladies that chose not have their pictures taken, so to honor them and respect their wishes, you will receive a picture of several ladies that work at ReMade. You can also find the bios of each lady on this website under "Artisians". 


Size: Approximately 5 1/2ft wide by 6 1/2 feet long  (size vary slightly due to each one being handcut and sewn by hand).


Thickness: 4 to 5 layers of cotton sari material


Care Instructions:  Handmade in India. Cotton material. Handwash or wash on gentle cycle. Lay flat to dry or dry on low heat or no heat in a dryer.  Handle with love!

Oversized Quilt

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