Bow Tie 3

Bow Tie 3

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Each bow tie is unique and now you have the chance to have a unique style of your own. Made from up-cycled vintage cotton saris, this bow tie was handmade by a local Indian woman using the kantha stitch, which is an embroidery style that originated in West Bengal and is stitched into the very fabric of its culture.


Please note that all items are made from previously worn saris and may have some imperfections like patches or typical wear and aging. These slight imperfections tell a part of the story and add to each one’s charm and uniqueness.


Receive a Photo With Your Contribution - Each ReMade item includes a color photo of a woman who is employed and empowered at the ReMade Sari Center. See some of the faces you are helping through ordering this ReMade product, and join us in helping to have their lives ReMade as well.


Size: Fits men and boy sizes with adjustable hook and eye closure (sizes vary slightly due to each one being handmade).


Thickness: Approximately 1 to 2 pieces of cotton sari material

  • Care Instructions

    Handmade in India. Cotton material. Handwash or wash on gentle cycle. Lay flat to dry. Handle with love.